The future of communication : tv and pc in an only thing

A few days ago, on the bulletin board of twitter, twitter- got a question .
The question was: “The future of cinema is the Internet ? It is in mobile phones ?

I replied immediately : “The future of cinema is the TV in the network. The tv -pc , one monitor open to all channels . ”

And I wonder, how is it possible that there are still those doubts .
The television, that is , the monitor will have the victory over everything.

Nothing 3D televisions that houses the electronics are retrying to launch .
Who cares .

The force will be in the monitors and high-definition screens from which you can navigate , communicate, watch TV , watch movies , interact with social -network , check email , choose the video you-tube , buy , work , all in one, maybe with a remote control and comfortably from the couch.

What is that, commercially speaking , that still holds firm all this, I do not know .

I am convinced , however, that it is almost .

One species of i-phone from home, maybe even touch-screen .

Try to imagine yourself in front of your big screen ultra slim that , with your fingers , choose , enlarged, shrunk , ascolatate and handled the media in the easiest way possible.

To the next.

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